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Balancing the Needs of the People with Care of the Environment
Fort Ord Environmental Justice Network, inc
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LeVonne Stone,
Executive Director
P.O. Box 361
Marina, CA 93933
Office: 831-582-0803
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The Fort Ord Environmental Justice Network (FOEJN) was formed in 1995, as an outgrowth of community concerns over the cleanup and reuse efforts of the former Fort Ord Army Base.

FOEJN is a qualified non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Since its inception, FOEJN has advocated for the participation of disenfranchised communities in the activities and decisions made regarding the cleanup of toxins, contaminated groundwater, 8,000 acres of military munitions and other contaminants that cause adverse health affects to impacted residents. 
FOEJN also strives to involve local residents in reuse plans, and economic development recovery efforts. FOEJN has stressed the need to use Brownsfields funds to assist with clean-up and recovery efforts. at the Fort Ord facility, and in surrounding communities.
Fort Ord, an Army post that has been in existence since 1917,  in the Monterey Peninsula of California, was decommissioned in 1991. This former Army base, like many military installations across the country, houses environmentally contaminated sites, due to past environmental practices of the Department of Defense (DOD).
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has listed Fort Ord on the National Priorities List (NPL), as one of the most contaminated Superfund sites.
Some of Our Community Constituents, Friends and Supporters
FOEJN Community
FOEJN Community
COMMENTS DUE Mon, 29 Jan 2007
Press Conference
Press Release (25Jan2007, PDF, 60 KB)
  Sun, 28 Jan 2007 10:00 am
  FOEJN Office, 335 El Dorado, Monterey, CA. 93940
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Call for Justice Letter, with 56 CO-SIGNERS
Letter (26Jan2007, PDF, 19 KB)
On December 29, 2006 the U.S. EPA issued a proposed agreement between EPA, FORA and the U.S. Army to pass on certain cleanup obligations at various properties on the Former Fort Ord site to FORA.
The proposed Administrative Order of Consent does not comply with EPA’s Environmental Justice mandates and policies as it does not require and assure a mechanism for continued public participation and meaningful involvement of community and tribal members in the cleanup and restoration of environmental contamination in and around the former Fort Ord.
The action was taken without any prior notification to citizens or citizen groups, and only thirty days were given for public comment.
Movement to Prevent EPA from Diluting Cleanup Efforts
We are asking people to read the document (see summary - 29Dec2006, PDF, 52 KB) and make comments, or call if more information is needed. Also, we would like for everyone to sign onto the letter to EPA.
This is an agreement between the Army, FORA, and the State, to turn over portions of the clean-up of Fort Ord to FORA.
Please sign onto the letter against this Administrative Order (09Jan2007, PDF, 73 KB) taking place at Fort Ord, or any action of this type any where a Federal Facility is highly contaminated.
FOEJN and the impacted, disenfranchized, local community members should be totally involved in the decisions that are impacting our health, safety, and economic benefits due to these types of processes and agreements.
Following are POINTS OF INTEREST, a link to comments by ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP CONCEPTS, and a letter for co-signatures from CITIZENS FOR SAFE WATER AROUND BADGER (CSWAB).
  1. FORA is not responsible for clean-up, nor are they interested in responsible clean-up of Fort Ord. FOEJN nor the impacted communities views have never been accepted when commenting on clean-up at FORA meetings. FOEJN does not have a role along with the other agencies mentioned in this Administrative Order. FOEJN should play a vital role.
  2. Fort Ord does not have a Restoration Advisory board, since 1999. Citizen or resident participation is not welcomed or acted on in a responsible manner.
  3. We have no legal means of interpreting this 76-page document, and all of the legal ramifications and meanings.
Environmental Stewardship Concepts COMMENTS (10Jan2007, PDF, 23 KB)
Citizens for Safe Water around Badger (CSWAB) LETTER FOR CO-SIGNATURES (25Jan2007, Doc, 29 KB)
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