FOEJN represents the affected communities in the Fort Ord area and Seaside, Marina, CSUMB, Salinas, Del Rey Oaks, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Highway 68, and beyond, in the cleanup of contamination and ordinance-related waste.

One of the goals of FOEJN is to continue to work with the impacted communities, interested health experts, and responsible agencies to secure funds for the construction of an Environmental Health Center and Clinic.

On June 28, 2004 FOEJN hosted a community forum at Seaside High School. Peter deFur, PhD, was hired by FOEJN with the assistance of the EPA Technical Assistance grant, to assist the impacted community members with commenting to the Army and summarizing reports for the community.

FOEJN brought in Dr. Lovell Jones, a renowned Oncologist, to present a PowerPoint viewing on the Environmental Justice community and the lack of good health care. Especially those living on and near Military Superfund sites, that are on the National Priority lists. About 13 highschool students participated with a youth powerpoint presentation.

On March 21, 2005 FOEJN hosted a Community Environmental Health and Wellness Forum. This event was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, in Seaside, CA.

We contacted over 35 local Health and Wellness groups. Among those were the American Cancer Association, American Lung Association, and Cancer Detection Program.

Local nurses and doctors, as well as an expert Toxicologist (Dr. Gunnar Heuser, M.D.) who treats those who have been exposed and harmed by Environmental Toxins and contaminants.

Lecturer Howard Straus, President of the Cancer Research Wellness Network, spoke on prevention and natural treatments of Cancers and various other diseases.

Peter deFur, PhD spoke on Groundwater Contamination, and health affects from contaminants found. Dr. deFur presented PowerPoint slides.

FOEJN Cleanup Priorities

1. Small Arms Ranges
2. 150 Acre Landfills
3. Uncontrolled and Prescribed Burns
4. Carbon Tetrachloride in Groundwater
5. Groundwater Contamination

FOEJN has hired a Technical Expert, Peter deFur, Ph.D., of Environment Stewardship Concepts, to assist the impacted community with reviewing and interpretation of site related documents.

Also to provide assistance to FOEJN in communicating our site related concerns to EPA.

FOEJN is also in the process of hiring a Grant Administrator, and Economic Advisor.

Crater Where Landfill was Removed and
Deposited to Other Side of Injum Road

Coast Next to Burn Area

Community Speakers

Laura Moffet on the dangers of NANO Technology

Ethel Dotson, Stauffer Chemical/Zeneca Biological, Chemical and Germ Warfare Production

Tri-Valley Cares, Livermore, CA

FOEJN community members

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Michael Fernandez of TOSC, Technical Outreach Services to Communitie

Dr. Peter deFur, FOEJN, Technical Expert Advisor

Bishop, Ph.D and Evangelist Jones, Linda Richardson from San Francisco

FOEJN Building 2903
at Fort Ord

Tour with Bureau of Land Management Employee

PhD Ron Scrudato

FOEJN, CSUMB Students and Concerned Hispanic Workers at Fort Ord

State Environmental
Justice Rep